Friday, February 12, 2010

Do Your Business

Self employment means earning money independently and become a master of your own. Many ways to earn money but if you are unable to spend lot of money for your business and wish to be a business man with small investment, you may choose a field of repairing Industrial Instruments.

Laboratory Furnace

You may choose quality control laboratory to repair Industrial Instruments. Big or small industries have their own laboratories for quality control for their products. In a quality control laboratory you will find there Electrical Furnaces, Hot Air Ovens, Hot Plate, BOD incubators (depend upon  Industry to Industry). You will start your Career with repairing this type instruments initial stage.

Why you choose these ?
  • You will get spare parts from the market or from nearby dealers easily.
  • Investment is very low, you will get a sound return for your physical and mental works only.
  • Much technical knowledge is not required.
  • You can start your job by yourself. No additional staff required for this job from beginning stage, you may employ staff later as per your requirement.
Where from you will get order ?

You will get order from  Iron Industries/Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Oil & Refinery, Chemical Industries even Diary processing Plants and many other industries.

How you start to contact with Industries ?

If you have not any marketing experience, before and a new comer to this field, be smart and contact yourself physically at your nearby Industries, and introduce your self as a technical person and you are able to repair the defective instrument. After that you have to contact  them regularly through email, writing letters or in person.

Trouble shooting

From the beginning I told here that to repair this type of Instruments some technical knowledge is required. If you are a technical person or a semi technical person, have no much technical idea to repair, you may follow technical books and manuals 1st., try to understand details about purpose of use of that instrument and function of that instrument. Then proceed.

Note: Don't forget to un-plug electrical  cables from main switch  before opening any cover of defective Instruments. If you want to know more, click this ==> reference  about Electric Furnace.